Wild Cow Puppet Craft Parties

Posing Puppeters

Party Requirements


I bring scissors, sticky-backed felt, felt, wool and extra double-sided adhesive strips to attach the felt and wool to the puppet.

Host Provides:

When planning your party, please consider these issues:

  • Area for the theatre to be set up:

Theatre needs a distraction free area with empty floor space 10’ front to back and 6’ side to side. Audience seating needs to be in front of this 10’ space.

  • Area for the Puppet Craft Activity

Space for lacing up and decorating the puppets can be made on the floor in front of the theatre in a circle. I would be in the middle of the circle of puppeteers, offering materials, and assisting as needed.  Adults may be sitting on chairs beyond the puppeteers in easy access to their children as needed. 
An alternative to working on the floor would be a table or tables separate from the food table, with seating for parents of the younger puppeteers to assist them as needed.  Either plan allows me to clean up the area while the guests move over to the food table to celebrate the Guest of Honor’s birthday.

  • Please provide a list of guests and their ages as soon as possible so that I may prepare ‘Made By’ labels and an adequate number of puppets in the three different size and lacing options. List needs to be in my hands no later than 1 week before your party date.
  • Adults to help supervise young children.  This is a parent-child quality time- craft acitivity for children aged 2 to 4.  Although prelaced and partially laced puppets are available for the youngest puppeteers, the host must take into account the guests’ temperaments and special needs, if any, and plan for adequate supervision.  One to one adult child ratio is recommended for children ages 2-4 years.
  • Upon request, the larger puppet size suitable for children aged 5 and up can also be fully or partially laced in advance, for a specific guest.
  • All party food.
  • If host chooses, ‘Goody Bag’ treats in individual bags, ready to stuff into finished puppets.

Please contact Wild Cow Puppet Craft Parties for more information, including our fee structure.