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About Wild Cow


A puppeteer since 1993, I have always been involved in teaching hands-on craft activities for children; my own, and later the children I have taught as a day-care teacher (since 2000).

When my eldest daughter was preparing to celebrate her 5th birthday party, in September, 1993, I began to make sock rabbit puppets as party favors-- a magician was coming to entertain the children and I wanted a party favor that would be appropo and fun as a memento of the day.  The party was a success, and the children went home with rabbit puppets stuffed with a baggy of candy treats.  My daughter began to report that her friends were bringing their puppets to school.  The parent of a party guest told me she was having fun using the puppet.  I knew I was on to something.  I began to experiment, and planned to become a puppet design company.  What would I call my business?  I decided it would be something incorporating my first name, Leah.  Checking a book of names, I found that ‘Leah’ is the Hebrew word variously translating as ‘Weary,’ ‘Gazelle’ and ‘Wild Cow.’  Wild Cow Designs was created, and is a licensed as a business in the State of Illinois since October, 1993.  Since then, my company has evolved into Wild Cow Puppet Craft Parties.

My Mission Statement

With over 40 years’ experience, beginning in my early teens, in leading children’s craft activities, I am an educator first and then an entertainer.  I am always ready to explain any aspect of my puppetry program to children.  The puppetry venue provides a fun, hands-on entertainment experience for children while promoting their creativity, imagination, verbal skills, gross and fine motor skills, as well as their social skills.  Active involvement in different aspects of puppetry, from puppet making, to performance, empowers children to try new things on their own, giving them some positive encounters, to fall back on.

My theatre is child-friendly, able to accommodate three standing or kneeling children at a time.  It is also wheel-chair accessible, for one child at a time.  I use recycled household items modified into props.  I hope that children watching the performances will say to themselves, "I can do this at home!"

In an effort to involve as many children as possible, I have made accommodations that consider a child’s age and abilities, providing ready-laced puppets for children whose eye-hand coordination is limited, partially laced puppets for children who may need encouragement in finishing the project, and puppets with the lace tied to the puppet, so that the child can readily lace up the puppet and get on with decorating it.

Leah Ostrar,
Owner/Operator of Wild Cow Puppet Craft Parties